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Card to card
Seal type
Cold seal
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Sealing area height (mm)
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  • Presenting the inline version of our cutting-edge medical and pharmaceutical sealing machine.
  • Engineered specifically for cold seal applications, ensuring top-quality results.
  • Ideal for efficiently processing fold-over cards and wallet-style packaging designs.
  • The core machine offers versatility, with the option to integrate automatic card/lidding/blister feeders, fold-over capabilities, and automated unloading for enhanced functionality.
  • The precision indexing inline conveyor guarantees impeccable alignment of the sealing fixture with the corresponding relieved faceplate.
  • With a spacious 14” x 28” sealing area, a wide spectrum of package sizes can be accommodated.
  • Embedded process controls facilitate validation, further supported by a validation port equipped for direct device connections.
  • Stay connected remotely through standard Ethernet connectivity, and opt for Wi-Fi access if needed.
  • For convenient data retrieval, a USB connection is available to download cycle history onto a flash drive.

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