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Cold sealing

Ecobliss is the inventor of the so-called cold sealing technology. Cold sealing means that front & back blister cards and fold-over blister cards can be sealed without using any heat. This is a great advantage because the only thing required to get a perfect bond is pressure. Cold sealing saves energy and time during the sealing process. It makes the packing process simple, reliable, quick, environmentally friendly and most cost-effective.

Heat sealing

The most important advantages of Ecobliss’ heat sealing technology is the high reliability and durability of the bond between blister and card or card-to-card. For the production of heat seal cards Ecobliss uses their proven, environmentally friendly water-based Ecoseal 9000 series coating. This coating is applied on state-of-the-art inline or offline equipment. Large customers such as Sony and P&G have tested and approved the heat seal cards produced by Ecobliss and many millions of their blister cards are hanging on shelves around the globe.

Master of blister and high visibility packaging technologies

Ecobliss is a master of blister and high visibility packaging technologies. We know well all the special qualities of each different approach. And, once we understand your needs and work with you to design a packaging solution, we will recommend or supply the perfect packaging technologies to serve your business.

Cold sealing card to card
Cold and heat sealing
Heat sealing card to card and card to plastic
Heat sealing card to plastic
Heat sealing plastic to plastic
HF-RF-sealing plastic to plastic
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