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Heat sealing of plastic-to-plastic (clamshell, printed blister, separate front and back blister) is done by bonding two parts of plastic together under the influence of heat and pressure. The package will pass through a patented heating and cooling station in order to achieve a perfect seal. Sealing at the heated station is automatic and is controlled by a PLC seal timer. A cooling station immediately following the the heated station, is used to flatten the package flange and fuse the two pieces of plastic together.

This sounds easy, but for successful heat sealing of plastic-to-plastic it is of the utmost importance that the right type of plastic is used for making the blisters. Not all types of plastic are suitable for heat sealing, and depending on the design of the blisters, the tooling design is always a critical factor in getting the packaging process to run smoothly.

Ecobliss is an expert in this field: both in the design and development of plastic-to-plastic blisters, in the choice of packaging equipment and in the gearing-up of production tooling.

Note from the MD:

In many cases, when problems arise with heat seal blister cards, customers are left to fend for themselves. For example, if cards and blisters fail to seal properly and fall apart after some shelf time, there is often a lot of finger pointing, with no one taking responsibility. Blister manufacturers fault the printer, the printer blames the assembly process and on and on. Some blister machine manufacturers even publish a disclaimer that if the blisters and cards are not of good quality, then the functioning of the machine cannot be warranted.

You will never have this experience with Ecobliss! We know how it all works. We know all about blisters, blister machines and how to produce excellent blister cards. Each production batch of cards is released only after a strict testing procedure. Ecobliss warrants the quality of their blister cards, and supports the customer in getting their production running smoothly.

Ron Linssen, Managing Director

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