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Development, Realisation, Implementation

Ecobliss expertly and successfully guides and executes the packaging processes of companies of all sizes in all industries around the world. With comprehensive supporting services, Ecobliss provides an integrated approach to both traditional and innovative packaging projects. We do this using our three-step business model of Development, Realisation and Implementation.

Everything falls into place

Each situation is different, and therefore your specific requirements are the starting point for Ecobliss. If you only require packaging components, we can Realise these for you. Do you want us to Develop a packaging? Then Ecobliss can take care of that. And if you need the entire support from packaging Development, through to the Realisation of components and equipment and even a perfect Implementation of all processes in your facility or at a contract packer? Then Ecobliss will stand by your side! Our expertise will result in an optimal integral packaging solution. Ecobliss, your Smart Source for blister and high visibility packaging.


All packaging development consists of three basic steps: analysis, design and testing. Ecobliss works with you to understand your business and then analyses your requirements, both essential and desirable. Next, in the development process, the focus is on the creation of a comprehensive packaging solution, also taking into consideration all aspects of the production process. Finally, we test the new design against the initial set of requirements and make adjustments as needed. We do not move forward until you are happy with the development path proposed.


Upon completion of the development process, the business of gearing-up for production can begin. This involves sourcing of materials, acquiring equipment and doing the necessary tooling. Next comes the implementation, after which the packing of your products can start.

Ecobliss is the Smart Source for all your blister and high-visibility packaging needs and as such, we know all about packaging design, materials, marketing, technologies, production processes, equipment and the practical implementation of your packaging solution.


Ecobliss offers contract packaging, warehousing and logistics services in various ways. One is through our large international network of contract packagers, but also, upon request, we can enter into a co-operative agreement with your existing contract packager. Last but not least, our Ecobliss branches in Indonesia and India provide in-house contract packaging services directly.

At Ecobliss, we know the ropes and stand by our products and services. We warrant the quality of our blisters, blister cards and equipment and support you, the customer, in getting your packaging operation up and running smoothly.

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