A blister, essentially a thermoformed plastic cavity used to protect, but also to show your product and enhance shelf display, is the basic component of many kinds of packaging. And Ecobliss is your Smart Source for blisters!

A unique, self-selling concept
Take an industry such as automotive, lighting, stationary, or electronics and you’ll find blisters used in packaging any product you can imagine. That’s no surprise, because blisters are a unique, self-selling concept. There’s no better way to present your product than to make it 100% visible on the shelf, while being fully protected by the transparent plastic blister. Blisters can be produced in any style, size or shape. Combined with a printed blister card the blister pack supports the promotion of your products and gives the customer all the necessary product information.

Blisters in almost any style, size or shape
Ecobliss can produce blisters, as components to fulfil your packaging requirements, in almost any style, size or shape. Blisters can be used as single elements sealed to a blister card, as front & back blisters or as fold-over blisters also called ‘clamshells’ – which can be reclosable. In combination with blister cards, multi-blister configurations can be designed for different requirements. 

Blisters can also be used to hold and display your product inside a box – often seen for example in the case of chocolates. For interior blisters it is essential to achieve the right look, feel and function. When opening a box, or when looking through a transparent window of a carton box, the first thing you see is the product, nicely protected and held in place by an interior blister.

Distinctive finishing
To achieve the right look and feel and serve your functional needs, we create blisters from transparent or opaque material, and in almost any colour, including metallic silver and gold. We can produce blisters with an interesting texture, such as a soft, cloth-feel surface (flocked). Blisters can even be made in 3D shapes with 3D printing, for a truly eye-catching effect.

For most blisters PET material is used in various thicknesses, depending on shape and size, but also if required, blisters can be made of PVC, PP, Polystyrene, etc.

Ecobliss Blisters