Packaging components

Ecobliss, the Smart Source for all your packaging needs, offers you a wide array of options to satisfy your every requirement. In the complete packaging section, we describe how we integrate a number of components into a total packaging solution for you. However, you may want to organise your own packaging process. Let Ecobliss be your valued partner in this project. We supply the individual packaging components you need, and at the same time, guide you to achieve the packaging result you desire.

Ecobliss supplies high-quality blister cards, blisters and boxes that can be designed, configured and combined in a virtually infinite variety of ways. In considering what you want, to satisfy your packaging needs, you will want to look at the functionality you require, and the look and feel you want. Where you start depends on your objectives. Again, let Ecobliss be your guide. We will help you to optimise your packaging solution with a minimum of compromise.

Functional qualities
Ecobliss cards, blisters and boxes each perform certain functions, fulfilling specific packaging needs. Ecobliss cards are made of high-quality virgin or recycled cardboard, of whatever grade needed to support the functional qualities you desire, such as folds, or able to look their best with a special finish, or to support protection against breakage. Ecobliss blister cards can be made virtually tear-proof with the addition of the right plastic coating.

Distinctive finishing
Ecobliss Blisters, which are shaped, made from thermoformed plastic, deliverable in almost any style, size or shape – including 3D, with 3D printing even, are used for shelf display, transportation and protection of consumer durables, food, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and many more items, in a long list of industries. To achieve the look and feel you require, our blisters can be transparent or opaque, and any colour, including metallic silver or gold. Blisters can also have a surface that has a soft, cloth-like feel (flocked).

Ecobliss transparent boxes can be provided in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and appearances. They can be transparent, or high-quality printed with any desired design. Also, special finishes such as holographic images or metallic surfaces can be applied to attract the eye of the consumer. The shape of Ecobliss’ plastic boxes is not limited to rectangular, but can also be oval or pyramid-shaped.

Whether you wish to buy the components and handle the packaging on your own, or partner with us in any or all of the phases leading up to seeing your product packaged and ready to sell in the best possible way, Ecobliss is your Smart Source in all things packaging.